New Feature: BABY RUTH!

Tot School

Baby Ruth is 10 months today!

I’m so excited to finally introduce you to my other daughter, Baby Ruth.

I feel like she’s been totally neglected on this blog – and so she has! I had a reader tell me she’d love to hear more about what’s happening with my littlest one since her son is close to Baby Ruth’s age. So, that is what I’ll be doing as regularly as I can.

Now at 10 months, she can

  • crawl
  • make lots of sounds
  • feed herself Cheerios
  • throw tantrums :P
  • and is extremely active. Extremely!

This is a perfect time to start easing into

Teeny-Weeny-Itsy-Bitsy-Ickle-Baby Tot School!*

(*Like the name? I’ll be using it moving forward!)


As always, my go-to sites for activities are:

Tot School

Tot School Ideas (starting from 10 months!)

No Time For Flash Cards

Specifically the 21 Five Senses Activities for Kids

I Can Teach My Child

Birth to 12 Months

I’m only just starting to use this blog as more of a resource than just something to read. So, I’ll be searching for ABC and Montessori Practical Life activities for Jelly Bean as well as Sensory Tubs and Treasure Baskets for both girls.


Just like I started doing a focused activity here and there with Jelly Bean, so will I do with Baby Ruth. She is still hitting major developmental milestones and I want to respect that while not being strict about Tot School. Heck, I’m not even strict about Tot School for Jelly Bean! I have plenty of educational toys and books, so I’m not worried about giving my girls lots of free play time. The great thing about not being the first child is that all of big sister’s toys are available to play with once she’s through with them! :D

What I need to continually work on is

  • keeping the TV off! >_< (But, I won’t deprive her of our Praise Baby DVDs, which she and Jelly Bean both love.)
  • and taking the girls out more, which is tough without a license and living in a huge city where nature is scarce.

I’ll be gathering materials and putting together a plan, so…

Stay tuned! :D

Do you have any ideas for Teeny-Weeny-Itsy-Bitsy-Ickle-Baby Tot School? Leave a comment and tell us!

2 thoughts on “New Feature: BABY RUTH!

  1. Coen’s 8 months old and he’s also hitting those developmental milestones. I cannot wait to try some of those fun activities with him. Thanks for all the inspirations! :)

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