Tot School: Letter E and Fall Activities

Tot School

Jelly Bean is 24 months.

We’ve been so backed up with Tot School
because Jelly Bean was sick for about 2+ weeks with an unshakeable cold! :(

Here’s a summary of what we did during our Letter E sick days:
(For more specific activities, please refer back to this post: Homeschool Curriculum for Toddlers 2012-2013)

Top Row:

  1. Sorting Elephant Size Cards – part of the Letter of the Week Curriculum at Confessions of a Homeschooler
    • We put them in a family-style arrangement so she could remember which ones came first and last. She sorted them from ‘baby’ to ‘Daddy.’
  2. Apple Picking Tree – inspired by No Time for Flash Cards
    • I used a few pieces of green and brown construction paper to make a VERY simple tree. (As you can see I’m not artistic! :P)
    • I pasted it all down on enlarged white paper, which I then taped to the wall.
    • The apples are apple-shaped Post-It Notes in green and red.
    • I bought a basket at the dollar store for her to put them in.
  3. Elephant Number Cards to step on as she counts – part of the Letter of the Week Curriculum at Confessions of a Homeschooler
    • Since I laminated them, Jelly Bean was in her socks and we have hard-wood floors, these were VERY SLIPPERY! My sister happened to be with us when we tried this activity and I had her walk behind JB holding her hands the whole way.
  4. Do-A-Dot E page – available at Homeschool Creations
  5. E is for “Eye” Chinese pageChinese for Children
  6. Elephant Dot/Magnet page – part of the Letter of the Week Curriculum at Confessions of a Homeschooler

Bottom Row:

  1. Fall Sensory Bin – her very first!!
  • Most of the items were bought at the dollar store, except for the beans and popcorn, which were bought at grocery store:
    • Medium-sized bin (Unfortunately, there’s no lid so I keep it on a top shelf in the living room.)
    • Black beans
    • Popcorn kernels
    • Green pumpkins
    • Orange pumpkins
    • Red squash
    • pinecones
  • I also give her two little plastic buckets so she can sort out the bigger items.
Note to Moms: She loves this thing, but she makes SUCH A MESS!!! T_T We’ve had to throw away beans and kernels twice that she didnt want to pick up from her play-mat. Be sure to put down a sheet underneath so you can easily dump everything back in. 
  1. Elephant Coloring pageCrayola First Pages
  2. Elephant craft – inspired by No Time for Flash Cards
    • I simply drew the elephant onto a file folder let her color it. No construction paper this time.

We also: 

Things we’re not doing very much:

  • Memory Verses (way too much work for a two-year-old!), except for a few words here and there
  • Too much actual Reading. She’s much more interested in flipping pages of books and pretending to read
  • Spanish. She loses interest very quickly with the Spanish stories because her Spanish isn’t as fluent as her English and Chinese.
  • Keeping a strict schedule. This is Tot School, so it happens when it happens. I refuse to stress over it.
  • Potty training! T_T Gotta get going on that one!

Next Tot School installment will include Letter I activities! 

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