[Tot School] Letter A Activities

Tot School

Jelly Bean is 2 years old! :D

Happy Birthday to my First-Born!

Here’s a summary of what we did during our letter A week:

Top Row:

  1. Coloring the Letter A for our Alligator craft. (She insisted on using her crayons upside-down!)
  2. Finished Letter A – Alligator craft. I pasted it onto a file folder in a stroke of genius while musing about how to collect her crafts without creating more clutter.
  3. Tot Time Notebook

Middle Row:

  1. Apple Dot Magnet/Marker Sheet (Scroll down on the left to “Extras”)
  2. Alphabet Heart Matching File Folder Game (Lowercase Letters)
  3. Apple Tot Book (scroll down past the Apple Unit) She loves the puzzle – she got it on the first try!

Bottom Row:

  1. Apple “Stained-glass” Activity (I also pasted this to the same file folder as the alligator craft
  2. Pom-pom Apple Tree (Also pasted to the same file folder)
  3. Alphabet Heart Matching File Folder Game (Uppercase Letters)

We also: 

Next Tot School installment will include Letter E activities! 

Leave a comment telling what materials you used for Tot School this week!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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