Homeschool Curriculum for Toddlers (Age 2-3yrs old)


 If you’ve stumbled upon this post or clicked here via a Pin on Pinterest, please be advised that I have updated and expanded on this Vowel Curriculum.

It is now available for FREE to all Email Subscribers at
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Jelly Bean will be 2 at the end of September!

At this point, she

  • asks and answers questions,
  • uses a large variety of vocabulary
  • speaks 4 languages
  • loves to make music, dance and sing
  • has graduated from “No!” to “I don’t like…” :P
  • has a wicked memory – especially for things you wish she didn’t remember! T_T
  • is ready for OFFICIAL TOT SCHOOL! 

I have been trying to make up for lost time (weeks spent doing graduate study over the summer) by frantically putting together a solid curriculum for the school year.

I’ve decided to use the same format as Erica’s Letter of the Week Curriculum. Since I plan to do it with Jelly Bean when she turns 3 next year, and I’m using my own curriculum for Baby Ruth at the same time, I wanted them to correlate. Erica introduces the vowels first and then goes through the consonants. Keep that in mind as I show you a brief overview of what the year will look like.

NOTE – I’m only sharing a brief overview because it would take forever for me to list every activity and give credit to every source in one post. As we do Tot School this year, I will list our activities for the week so you can see it all laid out in more detail. 
DISCLAIMER – In no way am I implying by this curriculum that my daughter and I accomplish everything I plan. Homeschool at this age especially is not about checking off a list! It’s about learning through fun and play. I urge you to use this list as a reference only!


1. Life Skills:

  • In putting together my curriculum, I tried to use different Learning Styles as a backdrop.
  • At this age, children should be exploring their world through their five senses. The Montessori method is great for that, so I also added a fixed time for Practical Life Activities. I used a book called Teaching Montessori in the Home: the Preschool Years, and Living Montessori Now’s Practical Life blog posts. The great thing about Practical Life activities is you can pretty much do anything you want. I am using that time for intentional potty training as well.

2. Letter-themed craft and worksheet ideas inspired by:

3. Circle Time Songs50 Learning Songs Sung to Your Favorite Tunes from Scholastic, Inc.

4. Spanish:

5. Chinese:

6. Bible:


Tot School Curriculum:


  • Week 1 – Letter A

    • Day 1 –
    • Day 2 –
      • Songs: “Read a Book” v. 1-2; “Which Five Letters are the Vowels?” (only letter A)
      • Bible: Jesus Storybook Bible-Story #1; Memory Verse A
      • Read-Alouds: Library Books with Letter A, Apple or Autumn theme
      • Visual/Spatial: Apple Tot Pack
      • Number/Logic: Tot Time Notebook
      • Tactile: Apple “stained-glass” craft
      • Chinese Song: “Welcome Song”
      • Spanish Story: “La olla de avena magica” (The Magic Porridge Pot)
      • Montessori: Folding Washcloths and Potty training
    • Day 3 –
      • Songs: “Read a Book” v. 1-2; “Which Five Letters are the Vowels?” (only letter A)
      • Bible: Big Thoughts for Little People (A); Memory Verse A
      • Read-Alouds: Library Books with Letter A, Apple or Autumn theme
      • Visual/Spatial: Apple Dot Marker worksheet / A Do-A-Dot page
      • Number/Logic: Tot Time Notebook
      • Tactile: Pom-pom Apple Trees
      • Chinese Worksheet: Apple (蘋果)
      • Spanish Song: “Days of the Week
      • Montessori: Folding Washcloths and Potty training

Please note that I have provided this curriculum for the 5 Vowels for FREE to all SUBSCRIBERS at, but I will not be providing the rest. If there is enough interest, I may make it available for purchase it in the future. Please leave a comment at if you are interested in such a purchase!

I can’t wait to start! But, first I still have plenty of activities I’ve yet to put together. Moms – this takes a lot of planning and time to gather materials. But, don’t let that put you off! If you’re not a maniac like me, just start small – one activity per day. It’ll be worth it!



6 thoughts on “Homeschool Curriculum for Toddlers (Age 2-3yrs old)

  1. I would love to see the rest of the curriculum! How much are you planning on charging? My little boy turns two in September too and this is EXACTLY what I was looking for!!!!

    • Dear Paige,
      You found my old site! Please reconnect with me at When you Email Subscribe you’ll get an updated version of this Vowel curriculum to download for FREE.
      I’m currently very pregnant and running after my 1 and 2 yr olds, so the rest of my curriculum is sitting in the “Needs to be REVISED” pile. I will work on that as quickly as I can so I can get it out to you before your son turns two (and before I give birth in 8 wks)! If you subscribe by Email then you’ll receive notice when it’s done.How about that?

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