Apples, apples, Everywhere!

So, I’ve been procrastinating from writing my final papers and searching for resources as I plan my Tot School curriculum for this year.

Yes, I’m in trouble. I am finishing up one paper and still have another to write. BOTH are due by Friday, yikes! 

Find images like this and more at PublicDomainImage.comI’ve decided to use something like the “Letter of the Week” curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Her stuff is fabulous, but not for an almost two-year-old. Maybe a three year old, but definitely a four-year-old. Erica at CoaH starts her curriculum at 36 months with her kids and has other activities for them before that time.

So I’m designing my own “Letter of the Week” Curriculum, which also includes Chinese and Spanish. (More on that in a later post AFTER my finals are done!)

For my Letter A unit I’ve been finding so many Apple-related activities. It makes sense – the whole Fall season and Letter A theme put together. No Time for Flashcards has been my primary resource for crafts, although I have been looking elsewhere.

I was pinning them to my Pinterest ABC/Tot School Board that I mentioned to you last time. But, eventually the apple themed materials became so plentiful that I decided to start a whole new Pinterest Board on it! I took a break from pinning to return to my finals, but what I’ve pinned is just the tip of the iceberg. Wait until September hits and more moms will be pinning and posting apple-related activities for kids. I’ll be pinning them up for you, so make sure youFollow Me on Pinterest

If you’re planning for Tot School or you want some fun Fall apple activities to do with your kids, go check it out!

Are you planning for Tot School this Fall? If so, LIKE this post! 


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