[Works For Me Wednesday] Homemade Coloring Books


Taking a page out of Carisa’s Tot Notebook, I decided to apply the same concept to making my own coloring books. I did this for several reasons:

  1. I could choose the content.
  2. It would cost under $3.
  3. Jelly Bean is not yet “coloring.” She still just scribbles.
  4. I could re-use them. (Yes! That’s my biggest problem with store-bought coloring books – once they’re used, that’s it! :()
  5. She wouldn’t color on everything. (Well, sorta. :P)

Let me show you how it’s done in FIVE simple steps.

STEP 1: Decide which cartoon characters you want to focus on. I chose:

STEP 2: Search the web for coloring pages. I do a simple Google Search on the character I want and then I refine the search to ‘line drawing.’

STEP 3: Print the sheets and put them in sheet protectors in some desired order. You can also choose one to make a cover out of and print that in color.

STEP 4: Take it to your local office supply store to bind.

STEP 5:  Get Dry-erase/Washable markers.

That’s it! 

Jelly Bean loves to scribble on the pages. Once she’s done, I simply wipe them down with a tissue or paper towel. I can also wipe down the desk, her hands or anything else she may have drawn on by accident (or not :P).

If you could make your own coloring books, which characters would you use for your kids? 

2 thoughts on “[Works For Me Wednesday] Homemade Coloring Books

  1. Awesome! I actually did this a couple days ago in preparation for a long train ride with E. I picked her fave characters of the moment: the Backyardigans, Dora, Diego, and Blue (from Blue’s Clues).

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