[Works For Me Wednesday] Nightly Prep

This will be my second new feature:


It is run by Kristen of We Are That FamilyWorks-For-Me Wednesday (WFMW) is all about posting simple tips that can alleviate the chaos, organize the space or manage the time of doing pretty much anything. I highly recommend you check out her blog. Hundreds of moms link up and they have great stuff to share.

So for my first simple WFMW tip:


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You know it; I know it. But sometimes my tired sleep-deprived body doesnt CARE to know it. :P I grew up on very simple breakfasts. Think: cereal or Eggo waffles. Mornings were rushed as my mom tried to get us (and herself) all washed up and ready for school and work. I remember the dread of waking up in the morning because I would not be allowed to sleep in and it would be a rush from the bed to the bathroom to the door.

I’d like to do things differently with my kids. Granted, we’re not worried about rushing to school right now. That comes later when my private school is ready to open its doors to the public. But, I’m still rushing around in the morning. The one thing that holds me up the most and keeps Jelly Bean stuck in that activity center indefinitely is MAKING BREAKFAST.

To simplify the morning cooking, I started prepping my ingredients (as much as possible) the night before. This works best if I’m making pancakes or baking something, like cinnamon rolls or muffins. [It doesn’t work so much if I’m making egg breakfasts unless I’m using the slow cooker. Any slow cooker breakfast would count as nightly prep.] If I don’t prep ahead of time, guess what we end up having for breakfast? Right — cereal. :P Just throw together your batter or muffin mix the night before, cover with foil or some cling wrap and refrigerate. When morning comes, all you’ve got to do is re-whisk for a few seconds and start cooking. Easy!

If you’re stuck in a daily rut and need some great breakfast ideas, check out my Pinterest board:

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