First Activities

Now that Baby Ruth is here, I can get back to planning!

(I know what you’re thinking! You think I’m insane for not letting this go a bit longer while I recover. You’re right. I am insane. Do you know how long a detailed post like this takes to write?? All day! :P)

Just for curiosity’s sake, Baby Ruth and I are doing well. She may have some digestive issues, but otherwise, she  was born a VERY healthy NINE pounds and two ounces. Yup. I VBAC’d this chunky monkey. Crazy. Hence the reason why I cant sit properly. :P

Ok, back to homeschooling. ;)

I’m putting together the first of many activities for Jelly Bean. I’m planning to make them into File Folder games for her. I’m going to purchase the file folders, glue, fasteners and a few other fun items from I also need more laminating pouches, so I figured I’d get them all at the same time. I already have velcro strips which I’ll stick on the back of each of the cards and on designated spots on the file folder so that she can line everything up in the right category. And need I mention the usefulness of Ziploc bags for keeping the unused cards together?

1. Color Matching Cards. (Remember to move your mouse over the photos to link back to the original file!)

2. Fruit & Vegetable Cards.

If you like these, there are more activities on this page: Alphabet Resources

I’m also downloading a few games from FileFolderFun. They have games for Preschool level

1. Apple Sizes – size sequencing game

2. Cupcake Sizes – another variety of size sequencing

3. Hot or Cold Farm – for identifying objects and determining whether they are hot (熱) or cold (冷). (I think I may add my own Chinese and Spanish words to these games eventually as she masters them in English.) 

4. Pumpkin Patch Alphabet – for alphabet sequencing

5. Alphabet Hearts – for matching Uppercase letters to Lowercase ones

FileFolderFun has a sister site called Bible Story Printables. I’m going to download a few games even though I know we probably wont be able to play them for a while. But, just to get Jelly Bean familiar…

1. Ten Commandments

2. Love

3. The Lord’s Prayer

Carisa at created something she calls a Tot Time Notebook. I am thinking of doing something similar. Her ABC printables will go on colored paper and into the sheet protectors, just as she’s done it so that they can be reused.

And finally, one of my sisters (Thanks, A!) got my daughter this for Christmas:

Leapfrog Letter Discoveries. It’s got letter recognition games and other stuff I havent explored yet. So, I’m thinking of incorporating it into our day. (Sidenote — from now on, I’m going to send a WishList of education toys to my family so they can get stuff we can use for school.) 

Other Resources I’m exploring:

1. Beginners Crafts from NoTimeForFlashCards

2. Birth-3yrs resources from CurrClick

3. Preschool Bible Curriculum from ABC Jesus Loves Me

Leave me a comment if you’re following, or if you’re going to consider using some of the above resources! Please link back to this post if you do use the resources, thanks!


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