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Mechanical disorders, especially of the spine, often affect our general health through the nervous system. In order to take care of such neuromuscular disorders, patients are advised to seek help from a healthcare professional often called a chiropractor. With over 11 years of experience in this field, Dr. Jeremy a chiropractor in Fort Collins Co is one the best. He is well known for assisting his patients to achieve greater levels of health through various latest chiropractic techniques. There is no doubt that with his vast experience he is the best chiropractor that fits your need. The following are chiropractic problems that Dr. Jeremy takes care of


Dr. Jeremy and his team at Inner vitality for their excellent screening and evaluation processes. It is important to understand that frequent headaches are an indication of something wrong in our bodies. Headaches are either caused by habits such as prolonged sitting at work or simple dehydration among other causes. To understand the cause of your headaches and prescribe the best treatment, this chiropractor in Font Collins Co performs the following tests.

  • Orthopedic.
  • Postural.
  • Diagnostic imaging test including x- rays.
  • Overall health history.

Depending on what the cause of your headache is Dr. Jeremy then creates a treatment plan for his patients which may include

  • Physical therapy
  • Massage therapy,
  • Chiropractic adjusting and
  • Home care.


Migraines often have neurological symptoms being that they are neurological conditions. For this reason, chiropractic is considered the best way to get rid of such problem. Unlike other chiropractors who believe that the only effective way of administering chiropractic adjustment is by twisting and thrusting the neck, Dr. Jeremy uses more gentle and less abrupt approaches that a patient is comfortable with.


Although lower back pains differ in severity, they are generally a major of cause of disability if not properly attended to. Chiropractic is widely considered the best method of treatment for such problems. While lower back pains are majorly caused by misalignment of the vertebra of the spine, they can also be caused by;

  • Falls
  • Arthritis
  • Prolonged sitting
  • Athletic injuries
  • Improper footwear among others.

Since Dr. Jeremy is dedicated to providing the best chiropractic care, he prescribes a treatment plan that gives a permanent solution to this kind of problem.

Neck pains

Exclusively examining your neck through all the chiropractic tests required from looking into your health history to diagnostic imaging Dr. Jeremy will always come up with the best corrective treatment for your neck pain. He is the best health care professional to handle this because he uses gentle manual adjusting styles which are more effective and produce better results.


Majorly caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain seizures can adversely affect us if not well controlled or treated. Given that they are also unpredictable they often limit a person’s involvement in their daily activities. Since the problem lies along the spine it is important that a chiropractor checks the spine for any subluxations. Dr Jeremy is well recommended to provide the best healthcare for such conditions. He is equipped to carry out a detailed health analysis and hence provide specific adjustment measures that are not only safe but also produce better results.